[asterisk-users] Start/Stop recording in confbridge

Shishir Pokharel Shishir.Pokharel at on24.com
Wed Jun 18 17:39:05 CDT 2014

Hi guys

How can I record the confbridge only when after a marked user is logged in to conference ? Is there any option on the confbridge to start recording when marked user is logged in  instead of when the first user logs in ? I tried setting up "same => n,Set(CONFBRIDGE(bridge,record_conference)=yes)" before sending marked user to the conference but it won't start the recording as there are already other users logged in with confbridge profile recording set to NO.

I can re-initiate the recording from CLI with "confbridge record start {confbridgename}" or with system command. But is there any dialplan function or confbridge option that I can use to start recording later ? Tired digging docs but didn't find any useful info.


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