[asterisk-users] Asterisk realtime peer registration

orteipam at tiscali.it orteipam at tiscali.it
Mon Jun 9 23:27:54 CDT 2014

Hello there

I'd like to use sip users and peers realtime.
I think I done all I need to get asterisk works fine in realtime:

res_odbc.conf configuration.

sippeers => odbc,asterisk,sipclient
sipusers => odbc,asterisk,sipclient


The sipclient table as suggest in this article: SIP Realtime, MySQL table
structure (
cture> https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/ ... +structure)

The user registered on asterisk works fine, but not the peer.
I'd like to use my voipdiscount account as a peer to do external call.

Name/username Host Dyn Forcerport ACL Port Status Realtime
2000/2000 xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx D N 65476 OK (117 ms) Cached RT

Mysql entry on sipclient table is below:

"3" "XXXXXXXX "sip.voipdiscount.com" "5060" \N "XXXXXXXXXX" \N \N \N \N
"sip.voipdiscount.com" "peer" "default" \N \N "XXXXXXXXXXX" \N "" \N
"rfc2833" "yes" "no" \N \N \N \N \N "port,invite" \N \N \N \N \N \N
"01234556678" \N \N \N \N \N \N \N \N \N \N \N \N \N \N \N
"sip.voipdiscount.com" "XXXXXXXXX" "yes" \N \N \N \N \N \N \N \N \N \N \N \N
\N \N \N \N \N "XXXXXXXXXX" \N "voipdiscount_out" \N \N \N \N \N \N \N \N \N
\N \N \N \N \N \N

I enabled also sip debug, but I don't see any attempt towards
What am I doing wrong?
Someone can help me?

Thanks in advance


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