[asterisk-users] Problem reload queue dynamical members

Eduardo Leones eduardo at ypytecnologia.com.br
Fri Jun 6 08:26:47 CDT 2014

Josh, thanks for the feedback. That problem can also occur with dynamic
members, would not be just for those who work with realtime?


2014-06-06 10:14 GMT-03:00 Josh Metzger <joshdmetzger at gmail.com>:

> On Fri, Jun 6, 2014 at 9:03 AM, Eduardo Leones <
> eduardo at ypytecnologia.com.br> wrote:
>> Guys, I have a problem. I have a queue on asterisk 1.8 that members are
>> added dynamically via the AMI QueueAdd. When you run the CLI a
>> "reload app_queue.so" all members who were in the queue disappear. This is
>> a bug or some parameter that I do not know?
>> Would have another way to do the reload queue without any risk to members
>> who are already in it?
> It depends on which exact version of 1.8 you're running, but this appears
> to be a bug that was fixed in April of this year.  From the changelog for
> 1.8:
> 2014-04-01 16:48 +0000 [r411584]  Joshua Colp <jcolp at digium.com>
> 	* apps/app_queue.c: app_queue: Fix a bug where realtime members
> 	  would be deleted during reload causing waiting callers to get
> 	  ejected. This patch causes realtime queue members to remain in
> 	  queues during the reload process. Previously these members would
> 	  be removed causing any waiting callers to be ejected from the
> 	  queue with a reason of "EXITEMPTY". ASTERISK-23547 #close
> 	  ASTERISK-23547 #comment Patch
> 	  app_queue_fix_realtime_reload_1.8_trunk.patch submitted by Italo
> 	  Rossi (license 6409) Review:
> 	  https://reviewboard.asterisk.org/r/3404/
> -Josh
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