[asterisk-users] Channel is answered by FXO card before callee answered the phone(pick up phone)

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Wed Jun 4 10:45:13 CDT 2014

On Wednesday 04 Jun 2014, Mojtaba wrote:
> Hello Experts.
> Im working with Asterisk PBXand freeswitch PBX.
> I have a challenge with FXO card in Asterisk and i could not solve it yet.
> I hope you could guide me in this regards.
> When i want route the call to FXO channels, Before the callee answer
> the phone (pick up phone), The channel is answered with FXO card. How
> can change this treat so that the callee dont answer the phone, the
> channel dont answered with FXO card. I have this challenge with FXO
> gateway too.
> This challenge is more important when using callfile to generate call
> using DAHDI/g0/
> When using it,All attempts to generate call are answered in CDR
> field(disposision=answered).
> Im waiting for your replying and Thanks.
> With Regards.Mojtaba

If you mean that Dial(DAHDI/g0/${EXTEN}) gets answered straight away, I think 
that behaviour is normal.  There isn't much in the way of supervisory 
information coming along an analogue line, for want of a D-channel.

If you mean that the FXO card shares a line with a normal phone and you want 
to be able to answer an -incoming- call on that phone, then you need a Wait() 
in your dialplan before any Answer().  That will give time for someone to 
answer the phone before Asterisk does; the ringing will stop, and the 
extension will stop being processed.


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