[asterisk-users] SIP configuration in realtime static and realtime dynamic

Robin Kipp mlists at robin-kipp.net
Wed Jul 23 15:53:36 CDT 2014

Hi all,
I’m currently in the process of familiarizing myself with Asterisk, and am trying to move certain configuration objects (such as SIP peers) into a MySQL database, accessed by Asterisk using the ODBC connector.
Now, I’ve imported the sippeers MySQL table from the contrib directory of the Asterisk source, and I could add SIP users in here. However, I currently don’t understand whether this realtime dynamic configuration table is meant to replace or just supplement sip.conf. This is because the sippeers table does not offer certain fields for entries in the [general] section of my sip.conf file, such as the ‚udpbindaddr‘ variable.
So, am I supposed to put all that in the database by adding appropriate table columns, or can I leave this in the sip.conf file and chan_sip.so will read both the file and MySQL table once loaded? Also, is there anyway that I could use templates, so that I don’t have to redefine everything for each SIP peer?
Thanks a lot for help!
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