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Eduardo Leones eduardo at ypytecnologia.com.br
Wed Jul 23 14:48:14 CDT 2014


I have a running Asterisk 1.8.28 in great Dell server with two xeon
processors and 16gb of ram and HD SAS 15k (Raid 1). This server is
recording all calls (placed to record the audio in a ram disk), the entire
CDR goes straight to MySQL by cdr_mysql.so. Each call runs some validation
and AGI's have an auto dialer system that generates calls over the manager.
Calls originate and terminate via SIP (no transcode).

With this structure, even being a great server, we can not spend 150
simultaneous calls. When it reaches 140, the load average goes up a lot and
the calls start to get very bad audio, tear, etc.. Using the top we see
that all the processing is for asterisk. In this scenario, I think there is
some limitation in Asterisk, or even the manager due to the auto dialer.

Can anyone give me any tips where I can look where is the bottleneck? I
need to get at least 250 calls that server quality.

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