[asterisk-users] Call Identifier Logging

Eric Wieling EWieling at nyigc.com
Tue Jul 22 13:14:03 CDT 2014

Where is this documented?

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Making LinkedID available in the dialplan would also be useful.
LinkedID is already available in the dialplan: CHANNEL(linkedid)
Which version was that added?  I don’t see it on my 11.10.0

[daffy-01 ~]# asterisk -rx "core show function CHANNEL" | grep -i link
[daffy-01 ~]#

According to funcs/func_channel.c
    468         else if (!strcasecmp(data, "linkedid")) {
    469                 ast_channel_lock(chan);
    470                 if (ast_strlen_zero(ast_channel_linkedid(chan))) {
    471                         /* fall back on the channel's uniqueid if linkedid is unset */
    472                         ast_copy_string(buf, ast_channel_uniqueid(chan), len);
    473                 }
    474                 else {
    475                         ast_copy_string(buf, ast_channel_linkedid(chan), len);
    476                 }
    477                 ast_channel_unlock(chan);

While useful, that doesn't solve the problem of being able to store the channel's logging identifier in CDR.

Steven Wheeler
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