[asterisk-users] incoming calls fall into echo test mode

Michelle Dupuis mdupuis at ocg.ca
Sat Jul 19 09:55:11 CDT 2014

You might get a better response on the FreePBX forum.  (FreePBX adds pre-built dialplan elements onto standard asterisk.  This forum is more for Asterisk)

But some suggestions:

SSH to your PBX
enter the Asterisk CLI
set verbose to 10
Call into the problematic number
...and watch where the call is being misrouted in the dialplan

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Hello all,

Weird trouble here:
we have 60-some happy subscribers on a FreePBX box,
each with its own phone number, with no problem at all,
except for one (and only one) subscriber who has this
problem: his outgoing calls are ok, but when someone
dials his phone number (be it from our network or from
any other place in the world), the caller ears the
standard message signalling he has entered the echo
test mode and must dial # to exit that mode.

Most callers don't understand what's going on, then
give up and hang up without dialling #.  Very few
dial # one or more times, then those few get our
customer's phone ringing and are then able to reach
our customer.

I went through all the docs, wikis and discussions
I found on the web, without finding any data on how
to solve that problem.

I tried many things on our FreePBX box and found out
the problem seems somehow linked with the customer's
extension (or phone number), not his inbound route
(changing the latter has no effect on the problem).

Creating a new extension with another phone number
would solve the problem (I tried it and it works),
but this customer wants to keep his current phone
number and when I tried deleting his extension then
creating a new one with his current phone number,
the new extension presented the same problem as the
previous one...

Anyone knows what could cause such a problem and/or
how to solve it ?

        admin at csur.ca

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