[asterisk-users] Extra REGISTER messages sent by Asterisk when subscribe for MWI is defined in zoiper

Olli Heiskanen ohjelmistoarkkitehti at gmail.com
Tue Jul 15 08:23:33 CDT 2014

Thanks, there are no register lines in my sip.conf, but I have defined
callbackextension fields in the realtime table, to be the same value as the
extension name. In this case, extension 771 has callbackextension value
771. I tried replacing those with null values but that had no effect on the

Currently when I register clients in, after some seconds Asterisk starts
sending REGISTER messages, at which point Kamailio sees 2 AORs, here's an
(here is the public ip of my server that houses Kamailio at 5060
and Asterisk at 5070, and is the public ip of the network clients
are in)

        AOR:: 771 at testers.com
sip:771 at;rinstance=c8447637c890c010;transport=UDP
                        Expires:: 3470
                        Cseq:: 2
                        User-agent:: Z 3.2.21357 r21367
                        State:: CS_SYNC
                        Flags:: 0
                        Cflag:: 0
                        Socket:: udp:
                        Methods:: 5087
                        Ruid:: uloc-53bfe447-35b0-608
                        Reg-Id:: 0
                        Last-Keepalive:: 1405429865
                        Last-Modified:: 1405429865
        AOR:: 771 at
                Contact:: sip:771 at Q=
                        Expires:: 105
3e946958322b1e2d6bfa564d46bf8e00 at testers.com
                        Cseq:: 133
                        User-agent:: Asterisk PBX
                        State:: CS_SYNC
                        Flags:: 0
                        Cflag:: 0
                        Socket:: udp:
                        Methods:: 4294967295
                        Ruid:: uloc-53bfe447-35b0-708
                        Reg-Id:: 0
                        Last-Keepalive:: 1405429980
                        Last-Modified:: 1405429980

I guess there should be only one AOR, so Asterisk might get wrong kind of
data to begin with or it's configured incorrectly. In my sip trace the
REGISTER flow from client to Kamailio to Asterisk seems ok, I could be
wrong though.

In my setup clients authenticate with Kamailio and Kamailio sends a
REGISTER to Asterisk according to guide I used:

How would I fix this double-AOR problem, can it be fixed on Asterisk


2014-07-15 16:00 GMT+03:00 Joshua Colp <jcolp at digium.com>:

> Olli Heiskanen wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Thanks for your response, I actually verified that the Zoiper setting is
>> not the reason for Asterisk to start sending REGISTERs, it only looked
>> like it as I checked the Kamailio output before Asterisk sent the first
>> REGISTER to Kamailio, right after I had played with that setting.
>> (sorry, my bad!)
>> However, _something_ is causing these REGISTERs, here's an example of a
>> REGISTER message sent from Asterisk to Kamailio:
>> REGISTER sip:testers.com <http://testers.com> SIP/2.0
>>          Via: SIP/2.0/UDP my_ip:5070;branch=z9hG4bK7477f754;rport
>>          Max-Forwards: 70
>>          From: <sip:771 at my_ip>;tag=as7a88c4c6
>>          To: <sip:771 at my_ip>
>>          Call-ID: 3e946958322b1e2d6bfa564d46bf8e00 at testers.com
>> <mailto:3e946958322b1e2d6bfa564d46bf8e00 at testers.com>
>>          CSeq: 121 REGISTER
>>          User-Agent: Asterisk PBX
>>          Expires: 120
>>          Contact: <sip:771 at
>> <http://sip:771@>>
>>          Content-Length: 0
>> Is there any other reason - other than client settings - why this would
>> happen?
> If Asterisk was configured to do so, yes. Do you have any register lines
> in sip.conf or do you have the "callbackextension" option set for any peers?
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