[asterisk-users] Extra REGISTER messages sent by Asterisk when subscribe for MWI is defined in zoiper

Olli Heiskanen ohjelmistoarkkitehti at gmail.com
Tue Jul 15 03:16:34 CDT 2014

Hello all,

I have an Asterisk installation with Kamailio using realtime integration. I
have gotten my clients to register, but there is something odd about the
sip message flow with some of my clients. My clients are Zoiper and
Asterisk is 11.10.2.

When I set 'Subscribe to MWI' value to 'both', after a normal, successful
registration Asterisk begins to send REGISTER messages to Kamailio every
105 seconds. Kamailio responds with 200 OK. If I set the value to
'disabled', Asterisk does not send these frequent REGISTER messages.
Probably due to these REGISTERs Kamailio sees 2 AORs for the account for
those clients whose 'Subscribe to MWI' setting is defined as 'both'.

I know this is mostly not an Asterisk problem, but I'd like to understand
better what exactly makes Asterisk to react this way? I didn't find any
differences in the SIP messages during registration (I could be just blind
though...), or in the way the clients are set up in the Realtime db.

On the 'Subscribe to MWI' setting the Zoiper documentation states: "this
tag specifies when Zoiper is going to subscribe for Message Waiting
Indication(MWI) for this account". In addition to values 'both' and
'disabled' there are values 'before registration (Asterisk)' and 'after
registration'. To me it seems strange to use REGISTER messages for
subscribing to something related to voicemail messages. So far I haven't
learned about the way Asterisk handles voicemail stuff but if You guys have
some clarification on why I'm getting these results I'd appreciate it!

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