[asterisk-users] G729 Licensing Revisited - I'm Sorry!

Tahir Almas tahir at ictinnovations.com
Fri Feb 28 07:04:15 CST 2014

> 1) We do not perform any transcoding whatsoever. All recordings, and
> voice mail are in G729,
> and allow=g729 for all peers and in sip.conf. Is there anything else
> we need to perform "g729 passthrough". More importantly are we still
> liable? Given that most vendors support G729, why do some still
> require the need to transcode?

 As earlier referred following quote from their site

"DISCLAIMER: You might have to pay royalty fees to the G.729/723.1
patent holders for using their algorithm"

You have to pay royalty fee for using their algorithm and it does not
matter whether you are trans-coding or not however there is no restriction
to pay their royalty fee under testing / evaluation environment.

2) If we decide that we require to purchase licenses, can we purchase
> 23 licenses and continue to use the open source version?

I do't think there is any restriction to use open source version when you
paid their roylity fee

> Darryl Said
> > The real question is: is there really any choice other than Digium for
> the licence? Due to
> > the dual licensing of the asterisk code, even if you could license the
> codec elsewhere, you > might be violating Digium's OSS license when you
> don't but their commercial asterisk
> > license.
> This only applies to the commercial versions of the codec right? We
> are still ok in respect to Digium's OSS license with the open source
> should we decide to continue using that version?

Yes it is .   I do't think there is confilit between GPL license and g.729
patent fee

*Tahir Almas*

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