[asterisk-users] Dynamically setting from domain when calling friends

Torbjörn Abrahamsson torbjorn.abrahamsson at gmail.com
Tue Feb 18 03:40:20 CST 2014



I have a problem where I would like to be able to send an arbitrary SIP
domain when sending a call to a registered friend. By default the from
domain is set to the IP of the Asterisk server, but I would like to set it
to something else. 


The case is that when a call from a foreign domain comes in to the Asterisk,
it will connect it to the callee (but with the domain changed). When the
callee wants to make a redial from call history, the domain will not be


I could probably do something with the fromdomain setting of the friend, but
I would like it to be dynamic, ie not having to update the friend definition
every time a different domain is used. 


I understand that I would need to use outbound proxy in the client to
prevent it from dialing the domain directly.


Is this possible? Any alternatives?



Torbjörn Abrahamsson


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