[asterisk-users] Disabling mwi messages with XMPP?

Carol Dupont cdupont at idsmicronet.com
Mon Feb 17 07:56:31 CST 2014



Anyone know if it is possible with Asterisk 11.7 using a Tigase 5.1.5 server
to stop receiving notice about old and new messages waiting? Looking at
xmpp.conf there does not seems to be a setting to disable voicemail
notification. Only the Device State  is useful for us for now and strangely
in the setup of 18 Asterisk 11 servers (a mix between 11.7 and 11.4
versions) we currently have running we are getting a lot of core dumps (a
lot of the times 3 or 4 servers crashes at the same time at least once per
day) and from what we can see it is always related to a random voicemail
notice message.


We havent been able to do a DONT OPTIMIZE backtrace yet but we are working
on it but in the meantime, since these servers are in production if we could
just disable these messages I think we could prevent those crashes for now
and give us time to work on this issue. At this point, we dont know yet if
it is related to an error in our config files or a real bug. Once we can get
a usable backtrace we will post a bug on the issue tracker.





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