[asterisk-users] Want Queues to ignore mobile operators voice mails and continue ringing...?

Barry Flanagan barryf-lists at flanagan.ie
Fri Feb 14 08:26:22 CST 2014

On Friday 14 Feb 2014, Tiago Geada wrote:

> > Hi all,
> >
> >
> > How does one detect the 'divert' to voicemail?
> >
> > Say we have PRI lines and as wel as SIP Trunks to connect to mobile
> phones.
> > How can asterisk know if the call is being diverted??
> It can't.
> But you know  (from the STD code)  whether the call is being made to a
> mobile
> or land line; and you can have a good guess how long the mobile telco's
> voicemail timeout is.  So as long as your Dial() to the mobile phone times
> out
> sooner than the mobile network rings out for before deciding that nobody is
> going to answer, *your* voicemail will win.
> This will break if somebody reduces their voicemail timeout from the
> default;
> but hardly anybody ever changes the default settings in practice.
...or if the moble is turned off....

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