[asterisk-users] Want Queues to ignore mobile operators voice mails and continue ringing...?

Daniel van den Berg asterisk at suretel.co.za
Fri Feb 14 00:33:50 CST 2014

Hi All,

Lets say I want to setup a queue that will handle inbound calls to
dynamically added agents that are all mobile numbers. Now when I do this
setup it works, it loads the agents dynamically and if the mobile phone
is on and have reception it works. But when the phone is for arguments
sake off or dont have reception it goes to voice mail for that mobile

I don't want this to happen...:) I would like for the queue to continue
ringing until there is a time out specified which then takes the caller
out of the queue and to voice mail which I then intend to mail somewhere.

I guess my question is can this be done in Asterisk? Can I force clients
in this queue not to leave a voice message on the mobile phone but
rather the Asterisk system?

Because when the mobile phone which is an agent in the queue goes to
voice mail it answers the call and then plays the voice mail message.

My initial thoughts are to maybe ask the mobile operator to switch off
the voice mail functionality on those mobile phones and rather give a
busy or engaged tone, but I would rather want to do this in Asterisk.

Any help or advise on this matter will be greatly appreciated.


Daniel van den Berg
SureTel - South Africa

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