[asterisk-users] SIP OPTIONS "storm"?

Tim Nelson tnelson at rockbochs.com
Thu Feb 13 12:10:31 CST 2014


I recently experienced an odd situation. I have an Asterisk 11.5.0 system (Box A) with a SIP peering to another Asterisk system (Box B). At some point, Box A started sending over 65Mbps of SIP OPTIONS packets to Box A. I do have qualify=yes for the peer on both sides, and the qualifyfreq is not set (aka default of 60secs).

Of course, logs on Box A were not set to show debug info, so there is no indication of a problem. Logs on Box B show no issues, only at a very specific start time, there are suddenly tons of:

[2014-02-13 00:12:50] DEBUG[31516] chan_sip.c: Allocating new SIP dialog for 2a338cf5518531e31190bd4b7826d137 at x.y.z.166:5060 - OPTIONS (No RTP)

I've done quite a bit of searching, but am not finding anything of consequence. Also, the Asterisk changelogs are not providing anything that would indicate this is known and fixed, at least for the 11.x branch.

Thoughts/suggestions? Thanks!


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