[asterisk-users] Strange incoming call issue.

Mike Diehl mdiehlenator at gmail.com
Wed Feb 12 12:05:13 CST 2014

Hi all,

I've got a customer who's reporting "ghost calls." Essentially, the phone
rings, they pick up, and there's no body there.

It is NOT one-way audio, and it doesn't happen all the time.

We use voipmonitor to watch calls, and this is what we saw for the call in

| calldate            | caller     | called         | duration | whohanged |
| 2014-02-12 09:28:06 | 575xxxxxxx | CCD539F38...-1 |       60 | NULL      |
| 2014-02-12 09:29:06 | 575xxxxxxx | CCD539F38...-2 |        1 | NULL      |

So, it looks like my customer received a call, which lasted a minute, and
then they  hung up.  Then their phone rang again, but there was no one
Based on what I'm seeing in my log, the first call was never hung up, even
though both parties claim to have hung up the call.  My logs only indicate
that the 'h' extension was called once, at 9:29:07

My question is, how can a call not get hung up when both parties hang up
the call?  I know that sounds odd, but that's what I'm seeing.

Any ideas?

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