[asterisk-users] Incoming Fax Issue with Asterisk 11.7 and Digium Fax

Larry Moore lmoore at omninet.net.au
Mon Feb 3 05:56:06 CST 2014

On 3/02/2014 7:38 PM, Jakob-Matthias Böttger wrote:
> as He is describing it he should actually provide t.38. but i don't know
> why it is not working thus im now getting
> Feb 3 12:32:55] WARNING[9942][C-00000004]: chan_sip.c:10353 process_sdp:
> Failed to initialize UDPTL, declining image stream
> [Feb 3 12:32:55] WARNING[9942][C-00000004]: chan_sip.c:10497
> process_sdp: Insufficient information in SDP (c=)...
> and then the fax session starts recording data

In udptl.conf set use_even_ports=yes and then issue a reload.

You can confirm the settings have been applied by performing udptl show 

Change the the t38 line to read as;


Reload sip and test.

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