[asterisk-users] Incoming Fax Issue with Asterisk 11.7 and Digium Fax

Jakob-Matthias Böttger jakob at j-mb.de
Mon Feb 3 05:38:59 CST 2014

as He is describing it he should actually provide t.38. but i don't know 
why it is not working thus im now getting

Feb  3 12:32:55] WARNING[9942][C-00000004]: chan_sip.c:10353 
process_sdp: Failed to initialize UDPTL, declining image stream
[Feb  3 12:32:55] WARNING[9942][C-00000004]: chan_sip.c:10497 
process_sdp: Insufficient information in SDP (c=)...
and then the fax session starts recording data

Am 03.02.2014 12:34, schrieb Larry Moore:
> On 3/02/2014 7:15 PM, Jakob-Matthias Böttger wrote:
>> Hi, changing
>> faxdetect=cng
>> and
>> t38pt_udptl=no
>> helped making it work.
> Hmm, the fax will be received as an audio call rather than T.38, 
> setting t38pt_udptl=no has turned off T.38.
> Do you know if your upstream provider supports T.38?
> Larry.

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