[asterisk-users] T.38 not working - help needed with log interpretation

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Wed Dec 17 02:08:02 CST 2014

On 16.12.2014 11:41, Larry Moore wrote:
> Just a thought regarding testing.
> Create a suitable TIFF file with more than 30 seconds worth of data and send it from Asterisk using SendFAX() to convince yourself whether Asterisk will work with your ITSP, you may still need to enable session timers.
> Have you considered setting up an extension on your Asterisk server which will receive the fax e.g. using ReceiveFAX() and see if your connection problem persists?

Until now, I only have tested the sending direction (from the fax software's point of view) since the ITSP told me that would be the easy part.

Some days ago, I made a dialplan with ReceiveFax() and was able to send a fax with multiple pages from the fax software to Asterisk. The TIFF file which Asterisk produced did not contain any errors, and there were no errors in the Asterisk logs or in the fax software's GUI.

As a next step, I took that TIFF, made another dialplan with SendFax() and used that to send the TIFF file to another fax machine which is serviced by another ITSP (ISDN + PBX). Once again, this happened without any errors (same ITSP, same settings).

So the problems seem to arise only when Asterisk is in the middle.

I did not test the receive direction yet.

I'll now backup my Asterisk configuration for future reference and research and start to try all the suggestions from the helpful people here step by step. I'll report back as soon I have a result.



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