[asterisk-users] T.38 not working - help needed with log interpretation

Recursive lists at binarus.de
Mon Dec 15 02:03:56 CST 2014

On 10.12.2014 11:42, Frederic Van Espen wrote:
> Hi,
> - Could you share the details of the SDP in each INVITE and OK packet?
> - How are your SIP endpoints configured in asterisk sip.conf? (the SIP
> trunk provider and the local endpoint)
> - What type is the local endpoint?
> Cheers,
> Frederic

Frederic, I now have tried to describe the situation very clearly, and I have provided some logs for download. Sorry for not directly including them, but they are too lengthy so the moderator rejected the respective message.

I would be grateful if you could refer to my message from some minutes ago. I have provided all the details there.

Thank you very much,


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