[asterisk-users] Yealink/G722/No Outbound Audio?

Nick Olsen nick at flhsi.com
Fri Dec 5 14:21:40 CST 2014

So I've got a bit of a head scratcher. Wanted to get some insight.
 I've got a PBX running 12.3.0
 We're a ULAW shop from end to end. But I've been playing with G722 just 
for fun. I've got a Yealink T46G on my desk, And my colleague, A Polycom 
IP650 (Same office).
 Basically, Whenever I make an outbound call to a destination to something 
not G722 ready, I get no incoming audio.
 Example 1. From my T46G, I call the IP650. The call comes up in G722 and 
we can both talk, No issues.
 Example 2. From My T46G I call outbound to my cell phone. Our SIP trunk is 
only G711, So The leg between the T46G and Asterisk is G722, And it has to 
transcode it to G711. I get no receive audio on the T46G, However the 
outbound audio is fine (I can hear my voice on the Cell phones receiver)
 Example 3, I call inbound from my cell phone. Dial My extension. And 
answer. Once again, The SIP Trunk leg is G711, And the T46G leg is G722, I 
get audio both ways no problem.
 Example 4. Exactly like Example 2, But I turn canreinvite= to yes. (I 
normally use no, As I wish to always remain in the audio path). Same call 
as Example 2 comes up, Quickly reinvites into G711 and audio works fine 
both ways.
 And finally, I do all of the above tests from the IP650, And everything 
works fine. So it's limited to the T46G in some case.
 My SIP config is below. Remember, I've toggled canreinvite=yes on and off. 
But that's just a bandaid.
 I also tried this on another T46G in the office running a much older 
firmware and had the same issue...
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callerid="FLHSI Nick" <321-205-1100>
 Nick Olsen
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