[asterisk-users] POSSA CID Superfecta to query a CardDAV server ?

Marie Fischer marie at vtl.ee
Sun Aug 31 11:40:22 CDT 2014

On 29.08.2014, at 22:44, Olivier <oza.4h07 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Le 29 août 2014 14:30, "Marie Fischer" <marie at vtl.ee> a écrit :
> >
> > Hi,
> >
> > we use OSX CardDAV server and its response is very slow, so we ended up syncing all the CardDAV contacts to MySQL via cron. Asterisk dialplan then runs a query defined in func_odbc.conf.
> >
> What kind of carddav query did you send to your server ? Finding caller's name from phone number, I presume ?
> Which client side tools did you then use ?
> I may be wrong but googling a bit, most examples of carddav  I found where for syncing directories, not querying so your experience is very interesting.

Sorry to disappoint you, but we also do just sync, not lookup by number. I just spent an evening or two on this years ago, didn't go very deeply into CardDAV protocol. I suppose you'd want to look at REPORT request with "filter" (http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6352#section-10.5) and search for numbers that end with the same string as the phone number you have (remove country prefix if needed).

As for tools, I sent raw requests via Perl's LWP::UserAgent and HTTP::Request and parsed the returned *.vcf's with Text::vCard::Addressbook. Didn't find a nice CardDAV module/library back then.



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