[asterisk-users] Billing software: Other than A2Billing because of the problem with the analogue channels

A J Stiles asterisk_list at earthshod.co.uk
Fri Aug 22 03:40:22 CDT 2014

On Thursday 21 Aug 2014, bilal ghayyad wrote:
> Hello;
> I am facing a trouble with A2Billing when using analogue lines because the
> channels are not closing properly when dialing happen through A2Billing
> (it seems the dialing scenario including the hangup is not handled
> properly through A2Billing but I do not have control on this). But when I
> do dialing from asterisk and using analogue lines, I do not face a trouble
> because I can write the script in the extensions.conf in professional way
> to confirm that the channel is closed successfully.

If you think you have managed to detect the end of a call more successfully 
than A2Billing can, I would have thought the logical solution would be to 
patch A2Billing to work with your improved teardown detection.

> Is there alternative Billing solution than A2Billing which has another
> working mechanism?

Not really.  The problem is inherent to analogue lines; which by definition 
cannot carry full supervisory information, as there is no separate D-channel.

> How I can resolve such problem which is related to the
> analogue channels? 

Get some form of digital phone line  (such as a SIP trunk, or ISDN)  installed 
instead.  You should be able to switch from analogue to ISDN without 
terminating your existing telco contract; and the quarterly will be cheaper, 
as you are using less of the telco's equipment.


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