[asterisk-users] Way to dump PRI settings?

Eric Wieling EWieling at nyigc.com
Tue Aug 19 12:23:54 CDT 2014

I doubt PBX settings (other than CallerID) would break calling to only one specific carrier.

Have you tried pri show span X?

>From one of our boxes:

pbx*CLI> pri show span 1
Primary D-channel: 24
Status: Up, Active
Switchtype: National ISDN
Type: CPE
Remote type: Unknown node type
Overlap Dial: 0
Logical Channel Mapping: 0
Timer and counter settings:
  N200: 3
  N202: 3
  K: 7
  T200: 1000
  T201: 1000
  T202: 10000
  T203: 10000
  T303: 4000
  T305: 30000
  T308: 4000
  T309: 6000
  T312: 6000
  T313: 4000
  T316: -1
  N316: 2
  T-HOLD: 4000
  T-RETRIEVE: 4000
  T-RESPONSE: 4000
Q931 RX: 6350
Q931 TX: 5828
Q921 RX: 42786
Q921 TX: 42716
Q921 Outstanding: 0 (TEI=0)
Total active-calls:2 global:1
CC records:
Overlap Recv: No

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I am having odd issues with a new PRI based installation.  Outbound 
calls work for all numbers except those that terminate at Sprint! The 
telco is new to PRI (this is in the Caribbean) and say that Sprint is 
rejecting the calls, and asked for our PRI settings so they can work 
with their switch manufacturer.  We are using the bare minimum default 
settings, but I can imagine that a whole ton of configurable settings 
exist that I have never played with.

Is there a way to dump all of the configurable settings for a PRI? The 
card is a Digium TE122.



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