[asterisk-users] Alternative billing for A2Billing because of using Dial function with analogue lines

bilal ghayyad bilmar_gh at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 19 06:34:38 CDT 2014

Hello All;

After trying A2Billing and certainly when the trunk is analogue lines (FXO ports), I faced a problem that the channels were not hanged up properly from time to time which cause us to do restart for the dahdi. Without A2Billing, I was able to handle the Dial scenario properly and no hanging for the analogue channels and no need to restart dahdi from time to time. 

Really I would if there is alternative Billing software (open source) for A2Billing and its working mechanism differs than A2Billing (I always prefer to keep handle the Dial scenario from asterisk configuration file and not through the billing software to be sure that it is hanged up properly in all the cases), I would if there is a billing software that do only the billing part and send control the disconnection for the call by sending commands to asterisk while the dialing scenario is handled totally from the asterisk configuration.

Or at least, is there billing software that work in better performance than A2Billing and does not cause for me problems if the trunk is analogue?

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