[asterisk-users] load testing and pattern testing sangoma A116 card

Frederic Van Espen frederic.ve at gmail.com
Mon Aug 4 04:03:46 CDT 2014

> This however gives a never ending flood of output on the pattest on
> machine 2. Am I correct in assuming that this is not a good thing?

The errors I was seeing were being caused by the echo cancellation
modules on the A116 card kicking in. All I had to do was disable the
module before starting the tests like this for all interfaces:
wan_ec_client wanpipe1 mpd all

> Does anyone have any other recommendations on how to validate this setup?
Sangoma has a wiki page that helped me in finding out why my test was
failing: http://wiki.sangoma.com/Wanpipe-Self-Test
There are also additional tests that can be done documented on that
page. May be useful to someone at some point.

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