[asterisk-users] "CBAnn" channel not going away in Asterisk 12

Richard Kenner kenner at gnat.com
Wed Apr 30 22:01:14 CDT 2014

> Really, I think we're pretty positive there's a ref leak (since
> otherwise, the CBAnn channel would be long gone). If you can get a
> ref debug log and the standard Asterisk DEBUG log showing the
> problem, that would help a lot in finding out what is going on.

That can't be done in the 12.2.0 release, just the current SVN, right?
Clearly this occurs for me and not in the simple case.  So I think what
I'll do is see exactly what I have that's causing it and hopefully
code inspection of that piece will show the missing ref decrement.
I'm away for a few days and so may not be able to get to this until
I get back.  Thanks for the pointers.

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