[asterisk-users] Reload problems with 1.8.27 and 11.9.0 - Someone else ?

Administrator TOOTAI admin at tootai.net
Wed Apr 30 08:37:32 CDT 2014

Le 30/04/2014 15:19, Matthew Jordan a écrit :
> On Wed, Apr 30, 2014 at 8:13 AM, Administrator TOOTAI 
> <admin at tootai.net <mailto:admin at tootai.net>> wrote:
>     Please, people from Digium, Matt again closed the new bug
>     ASTERISK-23689 I opened (clone from 23683) telling that it's not a
>     bug. Did he carefully read the comments on the new bug? If not,
>     please forward him this email, *it's* a bug or you have to explain
>     me why it is not!
> I asked you not to clone and issues and to take your issue to the 
> mailing list (which you did, thank-you). Cloning issues makes a mess 
> of the issue tracker, and causes information to get lost.
> If your issue is deemed to be a bug, the original issue will get 
> re-opened.

I cloned the issue as it is a bug and I could explain how to reproduce 
it. If I shouldn't clone the bug, please explain me how to do to inform 
developpers about new informations concerning a closed bug.

That say, sorry for inconvenience.


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