[asterisk-users] RFC 4662 in asterisk 10.12.1

Damian Gonzalez dgonzalez at denwaip.com
Tue Apr 29 10:57:04 CDT 2014


Is there an implementation for the RFC 4662 for asterisk 10? I found a
patch for asterisk 1.8 but nothing for asterisk 10.12.

The RFC: "This document presents an extension to the Session Initiation
   Protocol (SIP)-Specific Event Notification mechanism for subscribing
   to a homogeneous list of resources.  Instead of sending a SUBSCRIBE
   for each resource individually, the subscriber can subscribe to an
   entire list and then receive notifications when the state of any of
   the resources in the list changes."

I have a Panasonic KX-UT133 and this phone use this method to BLF.

Anyone worked with this issue?

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