[asterisk-users] SIP subscribe with multi-server registration

Josh Metzger joshdmetzger at gmail.com
Tue Apr 29 08:32:08 CDT 2014

This may be a more phone-specific question, but figured I'd ask to see if
someone has experience with this.  I have a SIP phone (Polycom) configured
with two lines registered to two different Asterisk servers.  I have
successfully configured SIP subscriptions to watch a different phone
registered to server 1.  if I try to watch a phone for server 2, the SIP
subscription is going to server 1 (and failing).  Is there a way to
properly configure this so the subscriptions go to the correct place?  The
only thing I can think of to solve it is to put a proxy in between and
route the subscription requests to each server as needed, and I'm not even
sure if that is possible (and would require me to learn a LOT more about


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