[asterisk-users] cdr viewer for csv

Chris Bagnall asterisk at lists.minotaur.cc
Thu Apr 24 05:46:05 CDT 2014

On 24 Apr 2014, at 11:36, binary dreamer <dreamer.binary at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am running asterisk and all of my CDRs are in the default csv.
> the system is so limited to ram (only 256) and I cannot run MySQL or any other program to give CDRs a fancy view.

As an aside, have you considered running your CDR storage/viewing on a separate machine? You don't have to log CDRs on the same box as you run asterisk.

> at the moment the only other software running is nginx for a static webpage with guidance on the system.
> is there a way to present to a webpage the CDRs from the csv, please?

You can almost certainly do this if you want using the standard string handling functions in $middleware_of_choice, but the lack of indexing on text files will make this *very* slow for search queries etc.. The RAM/CPU requirements associated with loading huge chunks of text data into memory, manipulating them, then displaying the results will likely exceed that of a DB.

Unless you only want a recent call log, you really want to do this in a database.

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