[asterisk-users] Open Source Asterisk Polling Solution

Nick Cameo symack at gmail.com
Tue Apr 22 23:20:17 CDT 2014

> That's about as simple as it gets.
> A call file that goes to the dialplan.
> A dialplan that consists of Read (which would play the message) followed a
> GotoIf into a mailbox (either voicemail or Dial() to an external number).
> One hint for doing unattended dialing like this, make sure you're dialing
> using a SIP or other digital method rather than, say, out an analogue port
> that doesn't have decent answer detect.
> And you can't just dump a whole bunch of call files into the system at
> once, you'll need to meter them out based on the number of concurrent
> outbound calls your provider will allow.
Hello James,

Good to see you here, and thank you very much. Though my basic idea of how
it will look using call files and dialplan is like what you and others on
here have pointed out. Yes,
we are using SIP for both origination and termination (just helping my
friend use some of our accounts used for PBX, and prepaid). I have been
using * for many years now however,
never for call center/predictive dialer type processes. Once I have got
this thing to call out and get calls coming in. It would be nice to write
to a database all the users that press
option on. I have a strong Java, PHP and SQL background. Will probably need
to make a call using AGI or such?

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