[asterisk-users] Open Source Asterisk Polling Solution

James Sharp james at fivecats.org
Tue Apr 22 22:27:02 CDT 2014

On 4/22/2014 5:54 PM, Nick Cameo wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> Thank you all for your response. The people I am doing it for run a
> non-profit charity,
> and are legally able to reach out to their customers. I will wire it
> up to the DNC
> however, for starters, I would like to get asterisk to:
> i) Iterate through a list of numbers
> ii) Play a pre-recorded message asking if they have waste they need picked up
> iii) If they press one, forward the call to mailbox

That's about as simple as it gets.

A call file that goes to the dialplan.

A dialplan that consists of Read (which would play the message) followed 
a GotoIf into a mailbox (either voicemail or Dial() to an external number).

One hint for doing unattended dialing like this, make sure you're 
dialing using a SIP or other digital method rather than, say, out an 
analogue port that doesn't have decent answer detect.

And you can't just dump a whole bunch of call files into the system at 
once, you'll need to meter them out based on the number of concurrent 
outbound calls your provider will allow.

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