[asterisk-users] ADSI Scripting Documentation

Neil Cherry ncherry at carehawk.com
Tue Apr 22 14:10:18 CDT 2014


     I know this is an out of date technology, but I have a need to use 
it to reprogram some old phones.

     I have managed to get Asterisk and a Digium board to upload scripts 
to the phones using the asterisk.adsi example, but trying to make my own 
scripts based on the example file is proving very limiting and difficult.

     I am sure there are a lot of features I am missing since I do not 
have documentation on the scripting language.

     Does any one have any old documentation or know where I can get any ?

     I found references in some list archives to this link:


     But it has been remove from the IBM site.

     If anybody has a copy of this PDF file and can send me a copy it 
would be really appreciated.

     Neil Cherry

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