[asterisk-users] DAHDI loading issue on Asterisk

steve at vanwambeck.net steve at vanwambeck.net
Fri Apr 18 16:06:40 CDT 2014

OK, I see where the disconnect is now. As I mentioned somewhere along
the line there doesn't seem to be a definative guide on building all of
the things from scratch outside of the "Asterisk. The Definitive Guide
3rd Edition" which does touch on the Linux install and making the
Asterisk user "asteriskpbx". As we now see the DAHDI implementation is
looking for the "asterisk" user. This sure can be a touch confusing. 

I did push the server through a restart to see if it would come up and
indeed it did not. Looking at the /dev/dahdi directory everything is set
back to root/root! Time to rebuild the system with the username of
asterisk and go home!!!

Thanks again for the assist.

Oh I see, udev must have been setting the ownership to root because the
asterisk user/group doesn't exist on your system.

# DAHDI devices with ownership/permissions for running as non-root
SUBSYSTEM=="dahdi",             OWNER="asterisk", GROUP="asterisk",

In the dahdi.rules file, change the owner and group on this line to
"asteriskpbx" so this fix will persist through a module reload.

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