[asterisk-users] Old Asterisk Release wanting to upgrade ...

Eric Wieling EWieling at nyigc.com
Thu Apr 17 12:58:10 CDT 2014

Is there a specific item you are having problems with?     The Gosub and Macro changes in later versions of Asterisk is mostly transparent to the dialplan if you use AELSub() to call AEL from extensions.conf.  The AELSub() dialplan application was written do you don't have to worry about macro .vs. gosub with AEL.

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On 17/4/14 4:53 pm, Eric Wieling wrote:
> I had little problem converting my AEL scripts from 1.4 to 11

Did they have lots of macros in them?

If so, then you, sir, are a better man than I, and I take my hat off to you :-) (and any hints you might want to share in converting 1.4 AEL macros to
11 would be gratefully appreciated)

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