[asterisk-users] Live Recording on the Storage Server?

Shahid H shahidh at gmail.com
Thu Apr 17 05:52:02 CDT 2014


I am wondering has anyone used Live Recording (monitor or mixmonitor) on to
Storage Server via network 1 Gigabit connection?

Does it perform well, let say about 50 live recordings at the same time.

I am planning to make some system changes at work. I would like to put
Asterisk VM on a ESXi host and the datastore will be hosted on Storage

On a ESXi host, there will be a few VM's:

Asterisk VM
Windows Server VM
Linux Web Server VM
Windows 7 VM

What I am concern that users on the workstations will browse their files
(home shares) and it may interrupt asterisk live recording because it is
shared on the same Storage Server?

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