[asterisk-users] Dialplan to reach external SIP phone

Meadows Hoa meadows_sub at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 1 22:11:37 CDT 2014

If I have Asterisk setup with local SIP phones configured but need to call a SIP phone which is not local but actually on another VLAN, what would the dialplan need to look like? 
Could the Asterisk dialplan directly call a SIP phone which is not a local phone within its sip.conf and dialplan, if the Directory Number and IP is known (or host name)? 
Didn't plan on needing a SIP trunk so assuming this is possible anyway? 
Would Asterisk have to actually go over a SIP trunk to another call manager (which has that phone configured as a local phone)? Thinking there has to be another way?
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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