[asterisk-users] Sangoma transcoding card bug - drops audio samples

Eric Wieling EWieling at nyigc.com
Fri Nov 22 09:40:38 CST 2013

Are you getting errors like this?

[Nov 22 10:39:36] WARNING[6307][C-000009a1]: codec_sangoma.c:969 sangoma_frameout: [2724][ulawtog729] Got Seq 7400 but expecting 2154 (time since last read = 0ms), dropped 5246 packets

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Subject: [asterisk-users] Sangoma transcoding card bug - drops audio samples

There is a serious bug in Sangoma transcoding cards. The card has an internal, small jitter buffer and it drops samples
from the audio stream when there is high jitter in the network. The bandwidth is cheap now so for me the only reason
to use transcoding is where I have low-bandwidth-high-jitter links. Sangoma said they will not fix it and we had to go back
to software transconding.

Do you have any experience with using Digium cards in such scenario?
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