[asterisk-users] Ast11: How to see call progress like in Ast <= 1.8

Bas Rijniersce bas at brijn.nu
Tue Nov 19 10:44:57 CST 2013



I just did a test install of Ast 11, and have trouble getting the same
logging information that Ast 1.x provided. I'm looking specifically for the
logging around call progress / dialplan actions.


In ASt 11 I've done the same thing that I did before: core set verbose 60


I also tried overwriting the logger.conf with the distribution one from Ast
11, and setting option "logger set level verbose on" (never did that on
older versions, but was wondering if that would make a difference).


Still no joy, Googling around for an answer I did see a changelog with an
example of the Call Identifier that shows a detailed logline (of level
verbose, something I don't get in 11). ButI've been unable to find an


Any hints/tips, I must be overlooking something basic..






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