[asterisk-users] two steps when calling from web!

akhilesh chand omakhileshchand at gmail.com
Thu Nov 7 23:33:28 CST 2013

Dear All.

When I calling a number from web, my softphone show me "Answer" and
"Decline" bottoms, and then I have to click Answer to call the number. it
seems it is two step to calling the number. If I type the number direct to
my client softphone, it calls directly the number without show me to choose
Answer to calling.
First call connect with client and then come into my screen and showing me
to choose "Answer" and "Decline".I'm not able to listen ringing sound
because call is connecting first with client and then connect with my

My source code is in AMI socket open to make call from web. how can I call
direct to the number?
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