[asterisk-users] Capture dead phone?

Mitch Claborn mitch_ml at claborn.net
Thu Nov 7 18:51:03 CST 2013

Asterisk 11.1

Is it possible to catch the fact that an IP phone has died in the middle 
of a call and do something with it in the dialplan?

Background: we run a small call center.  Our agents sit in two groups, 
with their IP phones running from 2 different switches. Every once in a 
while the power on one side of the room will go out, or one of the 
switches will die, or one of the agents will knock something loose with 
their foot.  If/when that happens while the agent is on a call with a 
customer, I'd like to be able to save that caller and put them back in 
the queue (at the head of the queue).



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