[asterisk-users] Redirect a GSM call through Wifi to a SIP phone

Silvère Maugain smog1 at free.fr
Mon Nov 4 14:35:32 CST 2013

Le 01/11/2013 18:54, adamk at 3a.hu a écrit :
> Hi,
 > On 11/1/2013 5:02 PM, A J Stiles wrote:
 >> You probably will have the most success with Android, because you
 >> are going to need well-documented Source Code to stand a chance of
 >> getting anywhere.  You will need an Open Source SIP client and the
 >> Source Code for the stock Android GSM telephony app.  You then will
 >> have to bodge the two together somehow .....
 > please correct me if I'm wrong, but if the above was possible, then
 > also, current SIP softphone apps would be able to do
 > - conference calls with a mixture of GSM and SIP endpoints - transfer
 > calls from/to GSM to/from SIP
 > which as far as I know, none of the apps offer.  If I remember
 > correctly, one of the softphone app programmers provided a reason why
 > the above will never work: you can't access a GSM call from an app
 > due to security reasons.
It's true, I have not seen this problem.
I made several tests with various softphones without be able to transfer a
call on GSM to SIP.
 > I'm not sure what percentage I'm right, but I'd strongly suggest a
 > GSM gateway for the function either with ethernet and SIP support, or
 > an FXO port.  Much easier project.
It was for transferring incoming calls on mobiles present in the office.
 From what I understand, a gateway is rather for outgoing calls.

Thank you for your reply.

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