[asterisk-users] set different codec for different sip calls

s m sam.gh1986 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 4 05:01:34 CST 2013

hello every one
i want to have multiple sip calls with different codecs for each one. for
example call to 8100 has g729 codec while call to 7900 has ulaw codec.
i searched a lot and found that there is some variable like "sip_codec"
which can set codec for a special inbound or outbound call. i don't try it
yet because i prefer to set the codec for each call by setting it in
contexts in sip.conf or sip_additional.conf file. is it possible?? if yes,
how should i set codec for each context? if not, setting the codec in
dial-plans in extensions.conf file, is the only way???

thanks in advance
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