[asterisk-users] Register Sip extension with out Sip phone

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Sat Nov 2 09:05:32 CDT 2013

this is an interesting project, SIP protocol is easy to find, writing a php script, perl script, or python would probably work. it would probably work better if it was a daemon. what would be connecting to it that you would need a SIP connection for?...  interesting...

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akhilesh chand <omakhileshchand at gmail.com> wrote:

>Dear all,
>I have two system Sys A and Sys X.
>Sys A is normal PC.
>Sys X have installed asterisk 1.6 and i want register(or reserved)  sip
>extension(like 4001,4002,4003..)  through Sys A(Sys A have some ip address)
>but i don't use any soft-phone means i want to write Perl or php(any
>language)  script to register sip extension.
>Suppose to 4001 is reserved  with Sys A.
>4002 is reserved with Sys B.
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