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We have a queue running with dynamic agents in asterisk and 
FreePBX 2.10.

We are using the linear ring style.

Calls are going to the agents in the order in which they log in.

Is there a way to send calls to an agents in a specific listed order and 
not in the order that they log in?

That is (assuming agent logged in).


So calls would always go to Agent1 if he's logged in, than down to 3, and 
finally to agent 5?


P.S. This seems to work fine with static agents, just not dynamic agents.

I can interpret your question in one of two ways, so if my explanation 
below is not what you want, please forgive me.

I think your best bet is in your code where you add the queue member you 
want to assign a penalty to that queue member. 

For instance, Using your example above, suppose you had Agent 1 through 
Agents 5. Assign queue penalties of 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 to them, 
respectively. Now, using your example of 1, 3, and 5 logged in, as long as 
he is available, agent 1 will get a call. If he is not, it goes to agent 
3. If 1 and 3 are not available, it goes to 5.

However, this does mean that Agent 1 will take more calls as anytime he is 
available it will ring him without attempting the other agents. 

We use this as some agents are primary on one queue, but secondary or 
tertiary on other queues. That way if the primary people are all busy, 
they will fall through to their backups, but if they are available it will 
always prefer them.

We store the queue levels in the asterisk database and when the agents log 
in, it looks them up in the database and applies the appropriate penalty 
to the AddQueueMember command.

Hope this helps.

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