[asterisk-users] Managing Abandoned Call

akhilesh chand omakhileshchand at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 01:49:50 CST 2013

Dear All,

I have a query ,basically i use three server for own call center. The
server A and B i have configure the 60-60 channel each server. Server A and
B(or call transfers into server X) calls hitting into server X.Both the
server have contain same CLI mean anybody call 8032(mean server A an B)
call goes to Server X.

In the case of Server A
8032 mapped with toll-free,it is configured with Server A, Anybody dial
toll-free call goes to server X via Server A.

In the case of Server B
Soppose to any anybody dial directly 8032 call goes to server X via Server

Supposed to two call originate at same time one call come via toll-free and
another one call come via 8032 (dial directly pilot number) and both the
channels dial into same extension(4002) due to this reason one of the call
is abandoned and another one is pick by the agent.

  ** 8032 is pilot number

Please help me.

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