[asterisk-users] Issue with .siren14 sound files

Richard Kenner kenner at gnat.com
Tue Feb 26 15:42:28 CST 2013

I'm connecting a Polycom SoundStation IP 7000 and trying to use siren14.
I downloaded the codecs and now it will properly transcode to connect
to other phones and play any files that are in .wav format.  But when it
tries to play any files with .siren14 extensions, I get complete noise
coming out.

Here's the negotiated SDP:

o=root 1668560220 1668560220 IN IP4
s=Asterisk PBX 10.7.1
c=IN IP4
t=0 0
m=audio 16204 RTP/AVP 115 127
a=rtpmap:115 G7221/32000
a=fmtp:115 bitrate=48000
a=rtpmap:127 telephone-event/8000
a=fmtp:127 0-16

If I rename away the .siren14 files, all is OK.

I can't find anything related to this with a search.

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