[asterisk-users] Caller ID to be identical across all lines

Paul Edgar paul at tabs.co.nz
Sun Feb 17 14:17:23 CST 2013

I have two SIP lines, 09271xxxx & 09974xxxx , the 09271xxxx is my publicly
list phone line which is also my second pick, when i make an outgoing call
, I use 09974xxxx, what I want is the caller ID for 09974xxxx to be
09271xxxx to the people I call.

The reason is.. when i ring anyone i want them recognise my number (which
they will if it is 09271xxxx).

 I have tried to change the caller ID in the trunk routes there was no
differnece, what i do at the moment is sent 09974xxxx calls to the IVR of
09271xxxx but it would be nice to have an elegant solution.  Is the caller
ID generated at the phone exchange , if so, i probably cannot change it.

Thanks in advance - Paul E
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